Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just to clarify


5 miles... 25 dollar. If the pickup is outside of the immediate Novi/Farmington area.. There is a 5 dollar gas fee for area like.. Royal oak or Southfield, 10 dollars for Rochester.. Detroit or basically any distance that takes us 10 miles to travel to or more.

10 miles.. 40 dollars and same gas fee applies unless the pickup to drop off (run) is over 15 miles, unless pickup is in such areas as Rochester or Macomb, Livingston or Washetnaw counties.. then 10 dollar gas fee applies.

Anything over 10 miles is 40 dollars plus 2 dollars a mile.. 15 is 50 dollars and so on.. plus possible gas fee and tip if you would like to.

All runs for new customers since the beginning of business require a credit card for holding the time. The credit card is not charged unless 1) You complete the run and pay us in cash, 2) you cancel within 90 minutes of your reservation.

When there is a terrible weather situation such as a snow storm, please be advised we reserve the right to charge your credit card the full amount of the run if we travel to pick you up. If we are running late, due to weather it is not our fault. We ask you please exercise patience, we are professionals but we can't break laws or risk our own lives to get to you. If we travel to your pickup through a snow storm and update you we are on our way and explain to you traffic is moving extremely slow.. if you do not cancel before we make it 75% of the way we reserve the right to charge your credit card the quoted run amount. The reasoning is, we can not control when M Dot clears the roads.. we will always do our very best to make it to you. But bare in mind sometimes we will be late.

Your safety is just as important as our drivers safety, obviously you want someone to drive your car who isn't going to do 70 mph when all lanes of the freeway are snow covered. We want to make sure you do not risk your life or other peoples lives, so we do everything in our power to get to you in a timely manner. We are willing to drive through a snow storm to get you home, we ask you please have patience with us.

Any questions about this policy can be addressed to 2488809740  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Season

Looking to get home safe after attending a holiday party? Why not use our service! We pick you up and drive you home in the comfort of your own car! No riding in a nasty cab, no having to deal with any guilt the next day after risking it and driving home. We have been in business for 1 year now and have taken care of many customers.

Our staff is compromised of professional young people who do this as a second job to help ensure the innocent people on the road ways aren't harmed. We help you to get home safely and other people to not have their lives dramatically changed in an instant. Our rates start at $25.00 for 5 miles and then vary based upon the mileage, an additional fee maybe assessed for gas on a run that is outside of the Metro Detroit area. But we still will come and pick you up.. you can call same day or book in advance. We also handle people who may have suddenly realized they had 1 too many.

Call 2488809740 or check out

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Season

Don't worry we are here for you during these cooler days! Anywhere from Ann Arbor to St. Clair Shores.. From Howell to South gate, we will get you home safe in the comfort of your own car! We come to whatever venue you are at and drive you home in your car, while one of our drivers follows to take your driver home!

Check out the Facebook page link about to see reviews and people who have used our service and like our page! We also can be reached at or 2488809740.

I guarantee that you will not be let down by our service! In 1 year we have only 1 time where we were unable to get to someone who made a reservation. The toby keith concert and Tigers game were a real business killer. Our rates start at 25 dollars for 5 miles and vary from there based upon total mileage of the trip.

Robert Banker
Owner Home Safe Detroit Designated Driver Service

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Need a Designated Driver Service in Detroit/Ann Arbor/ Novi ?

So you're planning on going out, or you have an event to attend. You want to drink but all the new ads on TV about Drinking and Driving scare you. You are struggling with who has to be the DD or what you will plan out so you can sober up.. or what lame taxi service to take. You own a 2013 Escalade and you would rather leave the party in that then a Toyota Prius Taxi. 

What if I told you I can get you Home Safe in your own car! We are Home Safe Detroit, we are a designated driver company. We are not a taxi service, we drive you in our own car! Your car your rules, you can smoke as many cigarettes as you want in your car and we don't mind!

We come to where ever you are with 2 cars and take you home in your car and then follow that vehicle til we arrive at your house. We charge based upon the mileage from the pickup point. You can call 2488809740 for more infortmation!

Our rates start at 25 dollars for 5 miles and then vary based upon the mileage. We have been in business for one year, is our facebook page. You can check us out and see many people have been satisfied with our service! We have a combined 30 years in customer service and we will provide you with the most professional service possible!

Robert Banker
Owner/CEO Home Safe Detroit

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home Safe Detroit Designated Driver Service

Want to get you home safe in the comfort of your own car? Then our service what you need after you have been drinking!

Check out


Call 2488809740 or email for more information.. You can also look below at the detailed explanations of our service and pricing!

5 Miles- $25.00
10 Mile- $40.00
15 Miles- $50.00
20 Miles- $60.00

Late Summer Season

No matter what you are doing now... having a last night out by the lake, celebrating the kids going back to school or whatever!

We still are operating and still can get you home safe in the comfort of your own car!

We are taking reservations for up to a month in advance, so if you are planning on buying Tigers playoff tickets.. make a reservation with us! Lions Monday Night Football tickets? Call us for a reservation!


Our rates start at $25.00 and charge by the mile so ask for more information!

Yes obviously I need to buy a real website sooner or later, we are a legitimate company and if you have any worries you can check out our facebook..

Like our page check out the reviews see the real people who've used our service.

Or you can google our name directly and see the positive reviews on the various websites we've posted on. There is positive feedback all over the place.

1) We are different from a cab company, we drive you in your own car. (OH MY GAWD HOW DO YOU GET HOME?) We come with 2 people in a car and 1 driver follows you home. Unless it is absolutely necessary no one rides in the follow car.

2) If you are looking to use our service, it is better to call ahead of time. Say today is Sunday and you are debating using us Friday Night. Call for availability as soon as possible. If you know you want it for sure, we make the reservation.

3) You need to have a credit card number to make a reservation. why? This ensures that when you make a reservation you don't leave on us. It also assures that we show up for you, imagine going to downtown Detroit and your customer stops answering the texts/calls and you wasted that gas and turned down another client.

4) Your card doesn't get charged unless you want us to at the end of your run. We prefer you pay in cash but if you need to use credit it is alright.

5) As a small business starting up and building slowly so that we don't go bankrupt.. We have enough drivers to handle most things, but we can't guarantee we can do asap pick ups or calls for an immediate pick up. We don't want to have people waiting around getting annoyed when no one calls.

In that same sense, we use this blog page instead of a domain page for the time being to keep our costs in line and not over spend what we are bringing in. So if you want to make sure we are legitimate check the facebook, twitter and various media postings of previous customers. The real website will be forth coming don't worry :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why Drink and Drive? Why not use a Designated Driver Service?

Obviously you found this page because of google, facebook or twitter. So you pry wonder who we are and what we do? Obviously you've heard of the Designated or similar services like ours. We pick you up from the bar or where ever you've been drinking. Then our licensed insured and professional driver gets in your car and drives you where ever you want to go. Whether it's your friends house or a hotel, changing the scene to a new bar where you can walk home or whatever.

I decided in this post to continue to embrace our Organic advertising methods. See when you call a cab, you have to wait. Then you are riding in a vehicle that you have no idea what has happened there or how clean it is. You don't have any opportunity to talk to the driver before you get in with him.

We take your reservation and hold your spot, you talk to our driver before they get there. You learn who is coming, you learn what we are all about from browsing our pages. You see we are trust worthy and professional aside from the insurance and licensed aspect of our business. Every company is going to tell you they are the most professional or on time. We deliver and beyond that, we probably will give you a better experience overall than anyone else can.

Most of the business is scheduled ahead of time in the day and is mostly returning customers. Use our service once, you will use us again and again. When you want a ride to the airport? We will be your first choice, you will never go back to using a cab.

So call 248809740 for more info and look below at our rates!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Concert Season?

Looking to get home from an awesome Summer Concert or a Detroit Tigers Game? We travel to all concert venues and stadiums in Metro Detroit!

or email or call 2488809740 for more information! The below post explains our pricing situation in detail!

Our rates start at 25 dollars for 5 miles, want us to pick you up in the far east side or far west side? That's an additional 10 dollar gas fee. If you're run is over 5 miles... it's 40 dollars for 10 miles and then 2 dollars a mile after 10. To simply the situation at hand...

-15 Miles= 50 dollars ($60.00 w/gas fee)
-20 Miles= 60 dollars ($70.00 w/gas fee)
-25 Miles= 70 dollars ($80.00 w/gas fee)

Traveling to the Northern suburb concert venues places the run in the gas fee situation. However if the run involves bringing you back towards Farmington, Novi or Livonia we will reduce the fee to 5 dollars.

Well The Designate Maybe Out of Business....

Did you use The Designate or another Designated Driver Service before? Did you have a terrible experience? Well then it's time for you to try our service... Home Safe Detroit!

What makes us different? Our drivers are all responsible and courteous people, through our slow growth we are able to stay financially stable and hire quality individuals. My drivers are solid driving records and experience in customer service, so you never have a bad experience. We operate by the if you're not 5 mins early your late philosophy. So if you make a reservation with us, we will be there early and ensure you don't have to wait around.

You can check our our facebook... we are a real company that is expanding slowly so we are in business to take care of you! With almost 150 likes, you can tell we are a legitimate and great company.

Our rates start at 25 dollars for 5 miles, want us to pick you up in the far east side or far west side? That's an additional 10 dollar gas fee. If you're run is over 5 miles... it's 40 dollars for 10 miles and then 2 dollars a mile after 10. To simply the situation at hand...

-15 Miles= 50 dollars ($60.00 w/gas fee)
-20 Miles= 60 dollars ($70.00 w/gas fee)
-25 Miles= 70 dollars ($80.00 w/gas fee)

and so forth..

So if you have anymore questions or would like to make a reservation call 2488809740 or email

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Need a Designated Driver Service in Metro Detroit?

You want to get home safe after consuming alcohol? Call 2488809740 our rates start 25 dollars for 5 miles and then 10 miles is 40 dollars.

We drive you home safe in the comfort of your own car, we provide 2 people 1 drives your car the other follows. We take the foremost care of you and your vehicle. We have been in business for 6 months but have a combined 25 years of retail experience.

Personally I Robert Banker have been driving intoxicated customer's vehicles since 2008. With 2 different companies since the Designated Driver industry is rise and fall. Home Safe Detroit is here for the long haul. I promise you that if you start using our service we won't stop taking care of you!

 we are available at or 248809740

You can view our facebook page at

We won't let you down!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summertime Fun?

Whatever you maybe doing this summer, from The Kid Rock concerts in August to the Detroit Tigers games or anything else.. we can get you home safe in the comfort of your own car!

If you would like to reserve our services at anytime this summer please feel free to call us at 2488809740 . We are accepting reservations for any event this summer. You can call and make reservations for any date this summer or call us when you realize you need us.

You can also use our service if you want a ride to the airport! We will beat any cab price and ensure you get there quickly and safely!

Rates still start at $25.00 for 5 miles and then vary upon the total distance of the trip.

Monday, May 20, 2013

What will you do this week?

Just remember regardless of what the legal alcohol limit is, it is always a bad idea to consume alcohol then drive. Whenever you need our service we are here for you!

Our rates start at 25 dollars and we service communities all over Metro Detroit. If you need our service on the far east or far west side, that's no problem! We just charge a ten dollar gas fee for the extended drive out to you, but that is the only time you are charged for us traveling to you.

You can tweet @homesafedetroit or email for more information on our rates or to schedule a reservation. We are always available by calling 2488809740 , but make no mistake about it.. it is always best to make a reservation with us before hand by calling and having your credit card on file for that night.

Your card is never charged unless you cancel your pick up with us 1 hour or less prior to the scheduled pick up time.

Check out for recommendations and feedback from people who have utilized our service.

Robert banker
Owner Home Safe Detroit

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Michigan Legal Limit .05 ?

Regardless if Michigan does pass a law to make the Drunk Driving limit .05 or not.. if it stays at .08 you can always use our service to be safe. We drive you home safe in the comfort of your own car, from any venue in metro detroit!

Call or text 2488809740

Our rates start at 25.00 and you can check out our facebook page...

We charge based upon the mileage of the trip, you can email if you would like to further discuss making a reservation or getting more information.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Want a Designated Driver?

So you go out and have a few drinks... how are you going to ensure that you get home safely? What about your car? How can ensure that over night your car will be safe in the bar parking lot?  How can you be sure that the taxi cab will come on time? What if you were able to make a reservation ahead of time, that allowed the unique service of you and your car going home safe at the same time?

We are Home Safe Detroit LLC, we are a licensed and insured Designated Driver Service. We are not a taxi cab company, we come and pick you up and drive you in the comfort of your own car. How can you be sure you can trust us? After all it is letting a stranger driver your car. We are licensed and insured, we have been doing this kind of service for over 5 years! We have nothing but experienced, responsible and mature employees/drivers who will make your ride home an incredible experience.

Don't believe us? Check out our facebook page!

Our rates start at 25 dollars, we then begin charging you by mile. Need more information? Call 2488809740 for more information!

As owner and operator of this business, I have 5 years experience working for various Designated Driver companies in Metro Detroit. Those companies taught me what it takes to ensure that I can make a successful operation. My 11 years working in retail taught me how to treat customers and how to make sure everything is handled in a professional manner. You can call 2488809740 and you will get me Robert Banker the owner of Home Safe Detroit Designated Driver Service.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer time Designated Driver Service?

We at Home Safe Detroit Designated Driver Service LLC are here for you all year round! Whether you are going out on a lake with friends, a Tigers game or any other activity that involves you drinking. We can get you home safe in the comfort of your own car!

When we travel to the far east side or west side, we charge a 10 dollar gas premium  But we always make sure we pick you up at your scheduled time. With 5 years in the Designated Driver Service Industry we are not a new fly by night company, we will go out of our way to make sure you have the best possible experience!

If you have any questions on our service please call 2488809740 or visit our facebook page for more information!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where you a customer of The Designate?

If you have ever previously used a Metro Detroit Designated Driver Service, like The Designate or any other company call us! 2488809740 .. If you mention you previously used another company and want to switch over to using our service we will give you 10 dollars off your first run on any week night! That's Monday through Thursday.

We are looking to be your first choice in Designated Driver Service, so give us a chance! Thursdays only we will do any 5 mile run in the area of Farmington Hills, Southfield or Livonia for 20 dollars before 3am!

Please check out our facebook page to gain more information or follow us on twitter.. @homesafedetroit ... you can also email or call 2488809740 for more information!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Home Safe Detroit Designated Driver Service

So you are looking for a Designated Driver Service in Metro Detroit? Maybe you are in Ann Arbor or another part of Michigan not exactly right in Metro Detroit. We still will come to you! Macomb County, Oakland  Wayne or Washetnaw we will service you. Our drivers are insured, licensed and professional. Our drivers are highly trained and professional. We accept all credit cards, chase quick pay and bank of america payment method. Why is this important? Say you had too much to drink on accident and you immediately need a driver. Not only can we provide you service, but we allow you to use your credit card because you may have not expected this expense.

Just to layout the information,

5 miles = $25.00
10 miles= $40.00
15 miles= $50.00
20 miles= $60.00

All other amounts go by an additional 2 dollars a mile, we have no mileage minimum or maximum. We will pick you up in Royal Oak on a Thursday night and drive you 2 miles. We do offer special discounts for waitstaff or bar owners who can help promote our service.

Call 2488809740 for more information or to discuss any other needs or email

Robert Banker
Owner HomeSafe Detroit

Monday, April 1, 2013

Want to get home safe? Tigers Opening Day/Michigan Final Four

We will be operational for the final four and Detroit Tigers Opening day. You want a professional and reliable designated driver service in Ann Arbor or Metro Detroit? Then you want Home Sage Detroit Designated Driver Service!! We take you home in the comfort of your own car! Our rates start at 25 dollars for 5 miles.

We accept all major credit cards via the square credit card reader right in your car. Call 2488809740 for more information or check us out on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How are you getting home this weekend?

If you begin drinking alcohol, you will suddenly reach that point of decision.. do I call a cab or do I stop drinking? Who is going to get me home tonight? If you call a cab, you have to get your car the next day. Why not ensure both you and your car get home safe that night!

When you call Home Safe Detroit, we arrive with 2 drivers, one drives you in your own car one drives behind and follows. We travel to anywhere in Metro Detroit to ensure that we can help provide a safe way for our customers to get home.

You can call today 2488809740 to inquire about our services... We charge $25 dollars for 5 miles and then $40 dollars for 10 miles and then 2 dollars a mile after 10.
Twitter- @homesafedetroit

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome to Home Safe Detroit!

First off allow me to welcome you to Home Safe Detroit! This blog page will serve as our official homepage until we finish our setup process. All of our employees have worked with other Designated Driver services in the area, we just established a new company.

1) We are a licensed business, We have 8 professional drivers on staff, which is more than most companies that we compete with in this area.

2) We are insured, we have insurance and our drivers all have individual policies.

Now why should you trust us? There are about 4 other companies in the area. Two of them have identical sounding names, so who are you actually getting when you called them? When you were drunk and unable to drive maybe you will misspell the name of the company you want, when you are sober and trying to remember. So why not just call us? Our name is not a ripoff of anyone else, we are not here to steal business from either company because someone randomly stumbled upon us. We are here to offer you a professional service, so allow us the oppurtunity!

Our rates start at 25 dollars for 5 miles, 40 dollars for 10 miles and then 2 dollars a mile after that.

If you have any additional questions, you can call 2488809740 or email or tweet us @homesafedetroit .