Monday, May 20, 2013

What will you do this week?

Just remember regardless of what the legal alcohol limit is, it is always a bad idea to consume alcohol then drive. Whenever you need our service we are here for you!

Our rates start at 25 dollars and we service communities all over Metro Detroit. If you need our service on the far east or far west side, that's no problem! We just charge a ten dollar gas fee for the extended drive out to you, but that is the only time you are charged for us traveling to you.

You can tweet @homesafedetroit or email for more information on our rates or to schedule a reservation. We are always available by calling 2488809740 , but make no mistake about it.. it is always best to make a reservation with us before hand by calling and having your credit card on file for that night.

Your card is never charged unless you cancel your pick up with us 1 hour or less prior to the scheduled pick up time.

Check out for recommendations and feedback from people who have utilized our service.

Robert banker
Owner Home Safe Detroit

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Michigan Legal Limit .05 ?

Regardless if Michigan does pass a law to make the Drunk Driving limit .05 or not.. if it stays at .08 you can always use our service to be safe. We drive you home safe in the comfort of your own car, from any venue in metro detroit!

Call or text 2488809740

Our rates start at 25.00 and you can check out our facebook page...

We charge based upon the mileage of the trip, you can email if you would like to further discuss making a reservation or getting more information.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Want a Designated Driver?

So you go out and have a few drinks... how are you going to ensure that you get home safely? What about your car? How can ensure that over night your car will be safe in the bar parking lot?  How can you be sure that the taxi cab will come on time? What if you were able to make a reservation ahead of time, that allowed the unique service of you and your car going home safe at the same time?

We are Home Safe Detroit LLC, we are a licensed and insured Designated Driver Service. We are not a taxi cab company, we come and pick you up and drive you in the comfort of your own car. How can you be sure you can trust us? After all it is letting a stranger driver your car. We are licensed and insured, we have been doing this kind of service for over 5 years! We have nothing but experienced, responsible and mature employees/drivers who will make your ride home an incredible experience.

Don't believe us? Check out our facebook page!

Our rates start at 25 dollars, we then begin charging you by mile. Need more information? Call 2488809740 for more information!

As owner and operator of this business, I have 5 years experience working for various Designated Driver companies in Metro Detroit. Those companies taught me what it takes to ensure that I can make a successful operation. My 11 years working in retail taught me how to treat customers and how to make sure everything is handled in a professional manner. You can call 2488809740 and you will get me Robert Banker the owner of Home Safe Detroit Designated Driver Service.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer time Designated Driver Service?

We at Home Safe Detroit Designated Driver Service LLC are here for you all year round! Whether you are going out on a lake with friends, a Tigers game or any other activity that involves you drinking. We can get you home safe in the comfort of your own car!

When we travel to the far east side or west side, we charge a 10 dollar gas premium  But we always make sure we pick you up at your scheduled time. With 5 years in the Designated Driver Service Industry we are not a new fly by night company, we will go out of our way to make sure you have the best possible experience!

If you have any questions on our service please call 2488809740 or visit our facebook page for more information!