Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How are you getting home this weekend?

If you begin drinking alcohol, you will suddenly reach that point of decision.. do I call a cab or do I stop drinking? Who is going to get me home tonight? If you call a cab, you have to get your car the next day. Why not ensure both you and your car get home safe that night!

When you call Home Safe Detroit, we arrive with 2 drivers, one drives you in your own car one drives behind and follows. We travel to anywhere in Metro Detroit to ensure that we can help provide a safe way for our customers to get home.

You can call today 2488809740 to inquire about our services... We charge $25 dollars for 5 miles and then $40 dollars for 10 miles and then 2 dollars a mile after 10.

Twitter- @homesafedetroit

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