Sunday, August 25, 2013

Late Summer Season

No matter what you are doing now... having a last night out by the lake, celebrating the kids going back to school or whatever!

We still are operating and still can get you home safe in the comfort of your own car!

We are taking reservations for up to a month in advance, so if you are planning on buying Tigers playoff tickets.. make a reservation with us! Lions Monday Night Football tickets? Call us for a reservation!


Our rates start at $25.00 and charge by the mile so ask for more information!

Yes obviously I need to buy a real website sooner or later, we are a legitimate company and if you have any worries you can check out our facebook..

Like our page check out the reviews see the real people who've used our service.

Or you can google our name directly and see the positive reviews on the various websites we've posted on. There is positive feedback all over the place.

1) We are different from a cab company, we drive you in your own car. (OH MY GAWD HOW DO YOU GET HOME?) We come with 2 people in a car and 1 driver follows you home. Unless it is absolutely necessary no one rides in the follow car.

2) If you are looking to use our service, it is better to call ahead of time. Say today is Sunday and you are debating using us Friday Night. Call for availability as soon as possible. If you know you want it for sure, we make the reservation.

3) You need to have a credit card number to make a reservation. why? This ensures that when you make a reservation you don't leave on us. It also assures that we show up for you, imagine going to downtown Detroit and your customer stops answering the texts/calls and you wasted that gas and turned down another client.

4) Your card doesn't get charged unless you want us to at the end of your run. We prefer you pay in cash but if you need to use credit it is alright.

5) As a small business starting up and building slowly so that we don't go bankrupt.. We have enough drivers to handle most things, but we can't guarantee we can do asap pick ups or calls for an immediate pick up. We don't want to have people waiting around getting annoyed when no one calls.

In that same sense, we use this blog page instead of a domain page for the time being to keep our costs in line and not over spend what we are bringing in. So if you want to make sure we are legitimate check the facebook, twitter and various media postings of previous customers. The real website will be forth coming don't worry :)

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