Thursday, August 1, 2013

Well The Designate Maybe Out of Business....

Did you use The Designate or another Designated Driver Service before? Did you have a terrible experience? Well then it's time for you to try our service... Home Safe Detroit!

What makes us different? Our drivers are all responsible and courteous people, through our slow growth we are able to stay financially stable and hire quality individuals. My drivers are solid driving records and experience in customer service, so you never have a bad experience. We operate by the if you're not 5 mins early your late philosophy. So if you make a reservation with us, we will be there early and ensure you don't have to wait around.

You can check our our facebook... we are a real company that is expanding slowly so we are in business to take care of you! With almost 150 likes, you can tell we are a legitimate and great company.

Our rates start at 25 dollars for 5 miles, want us to pick you up in the far east side or far west side? That's an additional 10 dollar gas fee. If you're run is over 5 miles... it's 40 dollars for 10 miles and then 2 dollars a mile after 10. To simply the situation at hand...

-15 Miles= 50 dollars ($60.00 w/gas fee)
-20 Miles= 60 dollars ($70.00 w/gas fee)
-25 Miles= 70 dollars ($80.00 w/gas fee)

and so forth..

So if you have anymore questions or would like to make a reservation call 2488809740 or email

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