Friday, April 5, 2013

Home Safe Detroit Designated Driver Service

So you are looking for a Designated Driver Service in Metro Detroit? Maybe you are in Ann Arbor or another part of Michigan not exactly right in Metro Detroit. We still will come to you! Macomb County, Oakland  Wayne or Washetnaw we will service you. Our drivers are insured, licensed and professional. Our drivers are highly trained and professional. We accept all credit cards, chase quick pay and bank of america payment method. Why is this important? Say you had too much to drink on accident and you immediately need a driver. Not only can we provide you service, but we allow you to use your credit card because you may have not expected this expense.

Just to layout the information,

5 miles = $25.00
10 miles= $40.00
15 miles= $50.00
20 miles= $60.00

All other amounts go by an additional 2 dollars a mile, we have no mileage minimum or maximum. We will pick you up in Royal Oak on a Thursday night and drive you 2 miles. We do offer special discounts for waitstaff or bar owners who can help promote our service.

Call 2488809740 for more information or to discuss any other needs or email

Robert Banker
Owner HomeSafe Detroit

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