Monday, May 13, 2013

Want a Designated Driver?

So you go out and have a few drinks... how are you going to ensure that you get home safely? What about your car? How can ensure that over night your car will be safe in the bar parking lot?  How can you be sure that the taxi cab will come on time? What if you were able to make a reservation ahead of time, that allowed the unique service of you and your car going home safe at the same time?

We are Home Safe Detroit LLC, we are a licensed and insured Designated Driver Service. We are not a taxi cab company, we come and pick you up and drive you in the comfort of your own car. How can you be sure you can trust us? After all it is letting a stranger driver your car. We are licensed and insured, we have been doing this kind of service for over 5 years! We have nothing but experienced, responsible and mature employees/drivers who will make your ride home an incredible experience.

Don't believe us? Check out our facebook page!

Our rates start at 25 dollars, we then begin charging you by mile. Need more information? Call 2488809740 for more information!

As owner and operator of this business, I have 5 years experience working for various Designated Driver companies in Metro Detroit. Those companies taught me what it takes to ensure that I can make a successful operation. My 11 years working in retail taught me how to treat customers and how to make sure everything is handled in a professional manner. You can call 2488809740 and you will get me Robert Banker the owner of Home Safe Detroit Designated Driver Service.

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