Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why Drink and Drive? Why not use a Designated Driver Service?

Obviously you found this page because of google, facebook or twitter. So you pry wonder who we are and what we do? Obviously you've heard of the Designated or similar services like ours. We pick you up from the bar or where ever you've been drinking. Then our licensed insured and professional driver gets in your car and drives you where ever you want to go. Whether it's your friends house or a hotel, changing the scene to a new bar where you can walk home or whatever.

I decided in this post to continue to embrace our Organic advertising methods. See when you call a cab, you have to wait. Then you are riding in a vehicle that you have no idea what has happened there or how clean it is. You don't have any opportunity to talk to the driver before you get in with him.

We take your reservation and hold your spot, you talk to our driver before they get there. You learn who is coming, you learn what we are all about from browsing our pages. You see we are trust worthy and professional aside from the insurance and licensed aspect of our business. Every company is going to tell you they are the most professional or on time. We deliver and beyond that, we probably will give you a better experience overall than anyone else can.

Most of the business is scheduled ahead of time in the day and is mostly returning customers. Use our service once, you will use us again and again. When you want a ride to the airport? We will be your first choice, you will never go back to using a cab.

So call 248809740 for more info and look below at our rates!

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